Mobile Broadband Services

Introducing – Telecom TERA

Telecom TERA (TEthered Rigid Airship) is the ultimate station-keeping platform for broadband telecommunications

Telecom TERA is a next-generation wireless telecommunications platform, replacing mast-based antenna systems of a classic mobile network with 10Gbps+ antenna “masts” – persistently hovering airships equipped with commercially available telecom equipment.

As a broadband turn-key solution, Telecom TERA significantly outperforms traditional mobile network architectures in several key aspects. Those include faster service deployment times, as well as significant reduction in CapEx and OpEx. In addition, the solution provides uncompromising availability of over 99% in year-round service.

The wireless telecom mass-market is mature and global, with established best practices and well-understood network technology. The telecom market is thus highly competitive, lowering profit margins for mobile service providers.

Alternatively, a tethered HS TERA airship acts as a 300 meter high mast for 4G/LTE antennas linked to base-stations, in order to efficiently create, supplement or expand existing 4G/LTE network capacity.

TERA’s area of coverage (orange) in comparison with traditional telecom masts (white circles).

Fleet Operations Concept for Telecom TERA.
A fleet of TERA Airships is moored to the ground, serving as 300m tall masts for 4G/LTE antennae.

Telecom TERA Advantages

Regardless if it functions as an on-demand coverage and capacity upgrade to existing networks, an IoT/CDN node, or as a complete new network roll-out, Telecom TERA significantly outperforms traditional mobile broadband network architectures in many key aspects

Lower infrastructural costs

HiperSfera UAS costs significantly less on per-user base than standard network support infrastructure (i.e. masts), also costs less to install. Additional infrastructural savings comes from base-station boards being stacked into a massive rack housing.

Lower operational costs

Smaller workforce requirements, significantly smaller number of ground locations – renting, permits, MRO…

Faster to deploy/roll-out

Entire TERA wireless broadband network included in modular standard containers and in airships, thus no building or construction involved, thus no/modest (fencing, power) building permits.

Continuous geographical distribution of available network capacity

Most cities have strong daily commutes. TERA UAS can adapt geographical distribution of its bandwidth to account for commutes and ensure constant optimal use of bandwidth resources.

Seasonal and/or on-demand extension of the network capacity

Mobile operators in seasonal tourism areas can now adjust range and capacity of their coverage in accordance with the market demand variation. at no wireless cost of their own.

Efficient in dense urban and in less developed environments

System’s low operating cost turns underdeveloped rural areas commercially viable for mobile broadband services.


Swift market introduction

Leasing-through-profit plan for certified service operators, enabled by strong ROI and backed by our strategic financial partner, dissolves most of the last-mile CapEx requirements for mobile service providers.


Evolution of Telecom TERA Market Presence

TERA solutions are applicable across all domains of the mobile broadband market. TERA fulfills demands of various particular use-cases, each with individual set of requirements on the broadband network service availability.

Mobile service roll-out evolution path for TERA certified service operators.

TERA Unmanned Aerial System Operations

Grounded on a mooring station
Take-off or landing phase
All-weather operations
Up, left: TERA airship at 1000m above the ground.
Down, left: TERA mooring station and interface to the core network.
Right: A ground operator coordinates a TERA fleet.